The Other Side of a Life as an Entrepreneur


Seven years ago when I was getting started with life as an entrepreneur. Debt was a thing I heard other people had not me.

Okay, at least I had an idea of the debt to owe a friend few bucks, with a promise to repay.

But what I hadn’t experienced yet up to that time was the debt that came with life as an entrepreneur.

As fate will have it, I was about too, and believe me, debt is more than about money.

In search of better start

After I proposed an idea for a business I was about to do to my father. I took a considerable amount from him.

The idea sounded logical, doable, and possible but I really had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I had enough funds for six months. I thought after this duration the business will be capable enough. To help me carry the weight that comes with expenses.

I was wrong, it didn’t.

Why the best start isn’t always the most to end well

The business was slow, not that I didn’t consider this in my initial judgment, but my initial assessments were way off.

I had a business set up to serve 200 people per month, I was getting 10 to 13 every two months.

The funds I had in store for those six months run out in the third month.

I was an emotional mess, I thought I was a failure because the business was failing.

The tyranny of wrongly assessed situations

I started to get into fights with family members especially my father.

Started making excuses to my landlord mostly because most of the time when rent was approaching I had no money.

Started to slack behind on what could be achieved, as a leader, I was failing my people.

The promise I initially made to my people was failing, of making this into something in about six months or so.

On making choices and finding new solutions

I started to drown in thoughts, what do I do now? The work I’ve already done is enormous, I can’t quit now. Can I?

So what to do, I took more money and thus putting more strain on those who I was taking the amount from, mostly family and friends.

This ruined the support system I previously had, family. I was stuck, alone, and with no one to talk to. The debt was pilling on both sides.

Those two and a half years when I was running the business were the loneliest I’ve ever been in my life.

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