8 Easy Tweaks that Could Lead to Outsized Improvement in Your Podcast Production Today

podcast improvement

As I share I learn.

Tweak #1. Repetition

I at least recorded 84 or 85 records of the first three episodes.

What doesn’t work to keep my process simplified?

That was what I was trying to figure out and I repeat what works.

Tweak #2. Write it Down

One of the reasons I recorded so many takes at first.

I kept making obvious mistakes.

Now I write down what I wish to talk about word for word.

Tweak #3. Have a Purpose

To give you a place where you can get a more useful perspective on your life.

And your success goals it’s the purpose of the Wild Joyous show.

It’s why those who seek for more I lead them to a place where they can receive more help.

Tweak #4. Guide.

I have a content guide I use where I have outlined at least 60 ideas and short briefs I will love to talk on this show.

Use of these summaries every day helps to create a new episode.

I add to this guide as I go.

Tweak #5. Tools

The simplest answer is always the correct one.

It has been like this for me during this process.

I went from using 6 tools to using 1.

Tweak #6. Reduce

I used to record each part of the show separately.

Intro, the content of the show, outro and so forth I do that no longer.

I record it in one go.

Tweak #7. Re-use

I reuse what has been working for me.

I have a template for this podcast. With some parts that get reused like the intro words, call to action, and how I talk about the next topic.

This way I reduce the work.

Tweak #8. Cost

The cost can go up quickly as you set up your production and tools.

From hosting, microphones, audio interfaces, and others cost that comes with making a podcast.

As I build up experiences I spend less.

Bonus Tweak Learn

I could have at least saved $1000 if I learned first before starting making a podcast.

I have things I have purchased but I no longer use.

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